Improve Your Memory by Eating These Memory Super Foods

Nobody wants to lose their memory. Alzheimer’s is a disease that many wouldn’t want to have. It can become a cause of panic for many of us when all too often we forget where we’ve left our keys or we don’t know why we walked into a room. And wouldn’t you be stressed out when your mind draws a blank as to the name of someone you’ve known for many years? The good news is that these kinds of memory lapses typically aren’t anything to worry about. The better news is that there are things that you can do to improve the strength of your memory. One thing you can do is eat memory super foods. So today, we’re going to mention a few of the super foods you’ll want to eat more of if your goal is to improve your memory.

Calcium is very important when it comes to improving your brain function. Calcium is needed, as it’s one of the building blocks making up the brain. You need to correct your calcium deficiency if you’re not getting sufficient calcium in your diet. You can start consuming more dairy products (the calcium in them absorbs best into the body). However, leafy green vegetables are so much better and healthier so try eating more of those. You can also start taking calcium bicarbonate tablets daily, but make sure your doctor approves of this.

Leafy green vegetables are important for promoting good memory. The veggies you’re eating need to be dark leafy greens. This isn’t difficult to do. You can, for instance, start each meal with fresh salad made from dark leafy greens. A cup of raw spinach has 15% of the amount of vitamin E that you need each day.

Leafy green vegetables have folates in them that are known to keep the brain working properly.

If you eat meat, you’ll want to eat more lean red meat. Iron can be found in abundance in lean beef. You don’t want to eat it for every meal, obviously. You can eat lean beef once a week or so. Studies have shown that iron deficiency and memory loss are linked. And it isn’t just memory loss that results from iron deficiency. If you’re low in iron, you’re likely to have anemia and other disorders.

You can do a lot of things to ensure that you have a better memory. There are many puzzles and brain games you can do to exercise your memory. You can also improve your diet. There are so many different super foods that will help you improve your memory. We have talked about a few of them in this article. But this article isn’t complete, though. Do your research and find out more about the memory super foods.